Why reinvent the wheel? How stock vectors and a good eye for design can drastically shorten production time.

sample of vector images for web designersWith the advent of modern display technologies, such as the Apple’s retina display, web designers are faced with the issue of having their images that were previously saved at a lower, usually 72ppi resolution, become distorted on such screens. To deal with this issue, we have to resort to vector graphics.

Vector images, or scalable vector graphics; the “SVGs”are pictures rendered as vectors which makes them retain their quality and sharpness regardless to whatever resolution they are scaled to. This allows for our work to shine in the same light on devices of different resolutions.

How Vector Images Are Used In Web Design

Good quality web design requires detailed precision which demands patience and time on the designer’s behalf. The most creative of designers usually try to make vector elements from scratch to give them the ownership to their unique content.

However this is only possible if they have ample time to focus on one specific project. In the demanding market of website design, the case is an absolute reverse. Most of the time, we do not have sufficient time to give the assignments our very best due to the amount of work we have.
So what to do when you want your work to be of the best quality, but you are on a tight deadline?

Vector Stock Image Sources

The answer comes to us in the form of stock vector images, abundant and easily available on the internet. While giving birth to a vector image from nothing requires a lot of time on our part, using the stock elements to create a stunning design just demands a typographic ingenuity and a creative mind able to unlock new ways to transform something simple into something spectacular.

There is a long list of websites on internet that have huge stocks of vector elements for you to use, for your convenience we have selected the top 5 websites that should fulfill your web designing appetite…

1. Vecteezy
In many of the critique lists, www.vecteezy.com/ holds the top position because of the huge amount of visitors it receives every day. It is fundamentally a community site which allows its members to develop and exchange vector graphics of a vast variety. It possesses an enormous collection of vector elements that are available for no charge to use for web designing.

2. Fudgegraphics
Fudgegraphics.com is run by Franz Jeitz. This site doesn’t have a very large collection of free vectors like other stock vector sites out there. However, it contains some of the best vector content available online which also include one of the best splatter vector files.

3. Vectorish
This site, vectorish.com, provides a very neat layout which is very comfortable to browse through. The images have information and the license type mentioned with them. It also provides you the opportunity to submit your own creations along with downloading free stock graphics.

4. Web Design Hot
In contrast with our previous mention, webdesignhot.com does not have a clean interface, but it makes up for it by its collection of more than 2000 graphics which are some of the best looking designs on the internet. It is definitely worth the search for good free design elements.

5. QVectors
Qvectors.net is another well-organized vector resource site. This site gives each image its own page with its information, ratings, comments and a complete preview. Along with that, it also provides a link to related vectors which many times prove helpful in suggesting just the right kind of element that you require.

Final Word

If you are a web developer, we hope you enjoy these free image resources. If you enjoyed this, feel free to pass it along to others who may be able to benefit from them. If you have more to add, please comment below so that we may add it to the list.

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