Smartphone Addiction is Real – But That Could Be Good News For Entrepreneurs

Here at GrowIT, we emphasize the importance of entrepreneurs learning to utilize the power of social media in an efficient and professional way.

The proper timing and presentation of content (not just content alone) is crucial to growing a business in this millennial age where everyone is looking down; and not up at billboards. Our culture is shifting into a realm of waking up to roll over and unlock their iPhone, instead of putting on a bathrobe to retrieve a newspaper.
A survey determined that 80% of 18-44 year olds check their smartphones when they first wake up.

Another study discovered that 44% of millennials admitted to regularly falling asleep at night with their phone in their hand.

In line with this, Bank of America conducted a study for Trends in Consumer Mobility (they are known for having one of the best mobile services in the banking industry). They asked 1000 people what their first thought was waking up. Some said brushing their teeth (6%), others coffee, (at 17%), 10% said their significant other, but a whopping 35% said their smartphone! Can you imagine admitting to your closest companion that they are on your mind less than your mobile phone is?

This means that from start to finish, many people allow their smartphone to rule their day. And it makes sense, to a degree – communication, finding information, and social connectedness are made considerably more convenient for the Apple or Android user.

So what’s the point?

It is important for us to realize that just because society is utterly addicted and consumed with handheld devices, we do not necessarily have to condone it as people. I do not think many people LIKE the idea of the world quickly growing more dependent on technology. While some may state that they, “prefer texting”, science shows us that nothing can truly replace genuine human interaction.

The average person has 5 social media accounts, and according to the Daily Telegraph, spends almost 2 hours a day using them. For many of us, that may seem like a waste of time – but small business owners can use this to their advantage. 

Social media is the key to being seen. It is the world’s most consumed legal drug; and it’s free.

Dr. Pamela Rutledge, a Media Psychologist, says this:Smartphone Addiction, social network, handcuffs

“Social validation is important; a Facebook like is a social signal. It affirms our existence the same way that someone nodding at you on the sidewalk does. But we’re also just learning to use social tools, experimenting to find out what it all means.”


As the world becomes more and more dependent on social media, view it simply as a very powerful marketing tool. Post first thing in the morning when someone is most likely to be scrolling through and wiping drool off their face. Post at night while users might be struggling to fall asleep. And give them something easy to digest, and easy to share – it may not communicate a point at first, but it can grab attention, followers, and eventually: response.