Three 2016 Inventions That Are Worth Investing In

Modern technology is an incredible thing. Here’s a sneak peak into some innovative designs you perhaps have never thought could exist. Thanks to the smartphone, many of these new ideas can be managed and personalized on a device you use every day, allowing you to integrate them into your every day life.


The smart phone now has a smart charger. Did you know that keeping your phone plugged in after it is fully charged can create lasting damage? The USBIDI stops charging after the battery reads 100% (even if it is left alone), preventing the phone from overheating while conserving energy. The battery itself allegedly goes from 0%-100% in half the time and then stays charged longer, because it generates a “healthier” charge that will ultimately extend the life of the device. What’s more, there is a magnet inside the head, allowing you to attach it anywhere: nightstand, desktop, or headboard to eliminate chances of getting misplaced. Complete with an LED reader light and anti-tangle, anti-short-out rope lining, this incredible invention retails at just $18 USD. Available for both iPhone and Android. Watch

 Teleport VRfat_shark_teleporter_v5_fpv_goggles-lead

Have you ever wanted to back in time and relive certain memories? Well, now you can. The Fat Shark Teleporter using today’s finest technology has the ability to film in 3D and capture video in a similar way the human eye can using virtual reality technology. Its genius design even allows you to look around within the goggles, creating the most convincing illusion possible, making it feel like you are actually reliving it. Memories are conveniently recorded from an attachment to your smartphone and can then be replayed as if they are actually happening. It may not be a time machine, but as of now it is the closest thing to it! Teleport VR is currently being funded on Indiegogo. Watch


Having trouble sleeping at night? This invention is for the heavy sleeper, the light sleeper, the insomniac, and everyone in between. FitSleep not only monitors your night’s rest, but improves it. FitSleep is a device that lays underneath a pillow or mattress and is able to track your heartbeat, breathing, and movement while you sleep. Using motion technology it is able to decipher your REM sleep from NREM sleep and is ultimately able to determine how “healthy” the sleep is. The results can be viewed from an application on your mobile device. What is more, it can release soothing, lullaby-like vibrations into your pillow or mattress, gently easing the user into sleep. If you find it difficult to get to sleep at night, there FitSleep is currently being funded on Indiegogo. Watch