The Update that Could Affect Your Mobile App

THIS JUST IN – Your mobile application could be in danger of being exterminated from the App Store, according to an announcement from Apple last month.

Don’t panic – if you keep up on regular updates, maintenance, marketing, and improving in accordance with reviews – this does not apply to you.

On September 1st of this year, it was announced that applications that have had regular issues with glitches that remain unaddressed will begin to be purged. The process of “reviewing and removing” began a week later, on the 7th of September, 2016.

Why? The main purpose is to prevent faithful users from downloading or even purchasing a faulty app that has been neglected for quite some time. This number of apps is quite high, when you consider that it is estimated about 15% of apps are reported to be glitchy and unresponsive.

The good news? This could mean your app as a better chance of getting noticed and downloaded more frequently due to the elimination of lazy competitors.