Things to Do In and Around Spokane, Washington

riverfront park spokane washingtonSpokane, Washington is a vibrant city; a gateway to the Northwest, it would be difficult not to become enthralled by the numerous attractions this gem has to offer.

With natural beauty to spare, there are many attractions in Spokane, Washington. An excess of activities and adventures that many first time visitors to the city have expressed both delight at the diversity of choices and frustration at the time limitations that might be preventing them from taking in all the sights and sounds. Some of the best that Spokane county has to offer including the following:

Riverfront Park

A stroll to downtown Spokane will introduce you to this one hundred acre beauty; a legacy of the world fair in 1974, River Front Park is sprawled along the river, boasting an impressive clock tower at its center and the remnants of the United States Pavilion during the world trade fair.

If you are looking for a place to wander about and to behold the scenery alongside friends and family, you need look no further than River Front Park.


If you love Golf, you are going to adore Spokane, WA. It is home to courses like the Indian Canyon and the Hangman Canyon. This fine city is more than likely to bedazzle even the most casual golfer.

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge

This wildlife refuge makes every second spent within its confines a true wonder With paths that loop through the various habitats, bike and hiking trails, the wheelchair accessible boardwalks make the park a far more inviting location for any individual seeking to probe the beauty of this verdant sanctuary.

River Park Square

AMC river park square in Spokane WAThere are a multitude of reasons that could attract you to River Park Square, all of them enticing. Shoppers can expect to lose themselves in the myriad of stores; both expensive and branded as well as budget friendly.

The dining opportunities are more than worth the experience; providing cuisine worth the value of your money. The AMC IMAX theaters are often jam-packed with movie goers, both local and foreign, seeking a thrilling experience in a comfortable environment.

Spokane County Raceway

This is a place you want to experience at least once. Proffering frenzied and nail biting excitement, the Spokane county raceway plays host to a multitude of vehicle races during the summer months.

Northern Quest Resort and Casino

This could simply be described as a fun time. Gaming enthusiasts will not want more opportunities to try their skills at the countless machines and table games. Those guests that are less casino-inclined will find a place in the lounges and restaurants where live entertainment is an option. If you are simply searching for a secluded place to indulge in some fun with friends, the sports bar will provide you with infinite possibilities.

The dining options including opportunities to feast on local Northwestern cuisine.

Wine Tasting and Tours

If you know anything about Washington, you are bound to remember the important position it holds in the hearts of wine connoisseurs. Aside from the local wine tasting opportunities, Spokane is a place where one can drown in wine lore, wandering around the winery grounds, learning about the wine crafting process, partying during the festivals, and more.