The Plandemic

When the so-called “Pandemic” was announced, mask mandates required, lockdowns, and stay-at-home orders commanded, we here at GrowIT Media took the threat seriously and even released what we felt was good advice on how to avoid contracting the virus. 

Over the past year we have learned much and we now have the data. We also know the Communist Chinese Government released a bioweapon upon the world. We also know that our Government has lied to us about deaths, mask effectiveness, and even the experimental injection they have wrongly described as a vaccine. By the CDC’s definition of a vaccine, this is an mRNA DNS altering injection. Countless board-certified medical doctors, virologists, and scientists have exposed the truth about this injection.

Bill Gates’ Top Virologist Says, “Don’t Take the COVID Vaccine!

Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., DMV, who is about as credentialed as one can be, says under no circumstances should you take the COVID vaccine.

Calling it an “Emergency of Global Concern,” Bossche is insisting on the cancellation of all ongoing COVID-19 mass vaccination campaigns because it’s an “acute health emergency of international concern” that “threatens mankind.” Strong words!

Bossche’s resume is solid and includes being Program Officer for Global Health and Vaccine Discovery for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Program Manager for Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI). And he is PRO-VACCINE—just not pro “this” vaccine.

This top virologist is so concerned about these injections being administered he has released an emergency paper based on a keynote speech he gave at the recent Vaccine Summit in Ohio. In this paper posted on Linkedin, he uses the following phrases:

“To all authorities, scientists, and experts around the world, to whom this concerns: the entire world population.

“scientific evidence is being ignored.”

“extremely critical situation.”

“the unprecedented extent of human intervention in the COVID-19 pandemic is now at risk of resulting in a global catastrophe without equal,

“disastrous consequences for global health.”

“no time to spare.”

giant catastrophe for mankind.”

“is now threatening humanity.”

“wipe out large parts of our human population.”

Those in-your-face statements are pretty concerning.

Based on our limited understanding of what his paper says, Bossche believes he has “massive scientific evidence” that the COVID vaccines will ultimately destroy our natural immune system through what he calls “viral immune escape.”

He believes the vaccine will cause people’s immune systems to be compromised. Millions of people will die—not from Covid, but from accepting into our bodies the artificial injection as it will ruin our natural immune system.

It makes one wonder if those Global Elites, who want the worldwide population reduced by 90%, knew this all along. Their attempts to reduce the world population to 500 million (from 8 billion) is so bold they even etched it into a stone monument in Georgia.

Bill Gates is on the record stating how we can reduce the world population by 10 to 15 percent using vaccines. 

We know our politicians and the mainstream media lied and pushed “fear of death” to be able to mass-vaccinate people worldwide against a coronavirus that has a 99.98 survival rate overall and 99.9% survival rate if adequately treated with safe, inexpensive, and effective treatments.

We know that politicians banned Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, which are proven and time-tested safe and effective drugs used for decades to get the FDA’s emergency approval. These corrupt individuals knew if there was a proper treatment available, they could not legally obtain the “vaccine” emergency waiver.

And because the injection treatment could only be authorized upon an emergency wavier, they fraudulently claimed that these treatments would be ineffective. 

Don’t let anyone tell you this is an approved vaccine. In truth, it is experimental mRNA injection therapy. People taking it are part of an impractical program and are suppose to be informed by the law of its status.

Regarding the mandating of masks, we have since learned that wearing face masks can make you sicker. Not only do wearing masks not stop a micron virus from absorption into the eyes, but they do not stop inhalation through surgical masks and cloth masks. Additionally, you can get sick by breathing in bodily waste and viruses your body is trying to expel.

The War Over Face Masks

But crooked injection deals are not at all surprising since we know Big Pharma firmly controls the FDA, the WHO, and the NIH. Just like Big Pharma controls Congress and many politicians!

But now, this top virologist, Bossche, who used to work for Gates, says the rushed injection treatment could kill millions of people. This scenario fits Biblically—and only Biblically. Evil people love death and sorrow.

Interestingly, Bossche also says the virus will eventually get into pigs and livestock. Gates is now pushing plant-based food and has recently purchased over 275,000 acres of farmland around the United States.

Indeed, there was a monetary incentive for Big Pharma to vaccinate the world to the tune of billions of dollars. 


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