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Word-of-mouth has been and always will be the single most powerful, effective way to build a business. It’s been that way since the 1940’s and it will remain so well into the next century.

The Internet game is changing.

Social media is now the most popular online activity utilizing an easy to use array of platforms (most notably: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube) that allow word-of-mouth marketing to spread faster and easier than ever before. Social media allows you to reach a large targeted audience quickly and in the most engaging way possible.

An independent research firm found that word-of-mouth converts at a stunning 80% while paid advertising: a paltry 18%. Most business professionals would rather rely on time-tested “word-of-mouth” marketing and SEO optimization.

GrowIt!’s Social Media Program gets you up and running in the social media realm with everything you need, in the fastest, most affordable way so that you can maximize your success, and grow your client list.



Our Social Media Program includes:

GrowIt! Facebook ServicesWe offer a comprehensive Facebook marketing program that guarantees a minimum number of followers and page likes per month. Depending upon the package that you select, we will:

Build a page that gets you a following. We professionally market your new Facebook page to get you likes, targeting people who will be interested in your business.

We keep these new fans interested and talking about your business by frequently updating your content either once or multiple times per week, depending upon your selected package.

GrowIt! Twitter ServicesA new Twitter account: If you have a twitter account, we will overhaul it! We will establish your Twitter page and help you build your “follower list,” which forms your literal word-of-mouth marketing team. This is a large, critical mass. Each time you Tweet, many of these users will pass it on to their trusting followers, growing your list and your business.



Show off your products or services on Pinterest. This popular social platform allows people to see your gallery and find exactly what they are looking for before even reading about your company. It acts as a gateway for the thousands of users who prefer to browse by image rather than text alone.



Your Youtube account is a great place to engage your target audience with short videos about your business. Demonstrate your products or services to give people a good impression before they even meet you.


Google + is essential for every local business who wishes to be found in local search results. It is not enough to simply have this page; you need to ensure it is properly set up so that is accurately represents your company. It can word as a hub for clients to leave reviews and for new visitors to find out about you and who you are.


Social media is the most powerful “word-of-mouth” marketing channel in history. With our Social Media Program, you will reap the breathtaking benefits of social media. Contact us today for a free no obligation evaluation! Get Started Today!.


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