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Save time and money with Google-powered Email, Documents, Instant Message and Calendar!


Whether your business is moving everything to the cloud, or you just want an affordable email solution or struggle to give employees access to critical information, Google Apps will help you stretch resources and work smarter.

  • Essential messaging apps – Gmail and Google Calendar are included.
  • Continuous innovation – Put the web’s rapid pace of innovation to work for your business. New features
  • Lower cost – No hardware, software or patches, so you save money. Estimate your savings
  • Universal access – Access your data from anywhere. Connect with IMAP, POP or from mobile devices.
  • Enterprise-class service – Google Apps includes a 99.9% uptime SLA. *Phone support is available for critical issues.
  • Secure infrastructure – Multiple layers of protection keep your business data safe and secure. Learn more

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Gmail – Powerful Email Solution

Why businesses use Gmail for professional email accounts:

  • Get control of spam – Advanced filters keep spam from your inbox so you can focus on messages that matter.
  • Keep all your important email – 25 GB of storage per user lets you keep just about anything you think may be important down the road.
  • Unified communications – Email, instant message, and make high-quality voice and video communication without launching a separate application.
    > Voice and video chat from your inbox
    > IM from your inbox
  • Find old messages instantly – Google search technology is built in, so you can find emails and instant message conversations quickly.
    > Find emails fast
  • Prevent data leaks – Create custom inbound and outbound policies to keep sensitive information safe with Email Security.

“Why move our internal email infrastructure to Gmail? Because I get all the upside of a huge scale upgrade, and I don’t need to revise my budget or put extra equipment in my server rooms or add internal support to ensure uptime, or even teach users to use it. It’s a natural.”
– Mike Campbell, Director of Information Technology, Eli Research, Inc.

Calendars – Collaborative Time Management

Why businesses manage their time with Google Calendar

  • Get people together easily – Just pick a time (based on when people are free) and enter meeting details. Google Calendar will send invitations and keep track of RSVPs.
    > Schedule a meeting
  • Keep all your important email – 25 GB of storage per user lets you keep just about anything you think may be important down the road.
  • Share project calendars – Share whole calendars company-wide or with specific people. Coworkers can have editing rights and see shared events alongside their own schedules.
    > Share a calendar
  • Show event information in context – Embed an internal calendar publicly on your website, no programming required.

“As a small and growing firm, we were looking for an easily scalable and affordable email and calendaring platform with minimal maintenance. Google Apps provides our employees with plenty of storage space, accessibility from different devices without synchronization, spam prevention and shared calendars.”
– Drew George, CEO, Drew George & Partners, Inc.

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