Saint Patrick’s Day Festivities for the Family

While the general reputation of Saint Patrick’s Day involves leprechauns and pots of gold or drinking one too many pints of ale, when deciding what to celebrate with your little ones, try taking a look at Saint Patrick himself.  While Saint Patrick was a Christian missionary, you don’t have to buy in to the faith to recognize that, at his core, Saint Patrick was a servant to those around him.  Make the day about being selfless and performing acts of kindness for one another.  Add in a few of these tasty treats and crafts and decorating ideas as well, and you’ll make the holiday a fun occasion for the whole family!

Make a Colorful Snack

Whether you’re celebrating the day as a family or hosting a get together for some of the kids’ friends, these colorful and healthy snack ideas are sure to be a hit!  Channel the Irish in your blood and put together these tasty fruit kabobs:


All you’ll need is some wood skewers, green ribbon (for decoration), and all the green fruit you can think of!  This mom used granny smith apples, green grapes, kiwi, honeydew, and pears.  Be sure to cut the fruit into similarly sized chunks and use a rectangular piece of melon as the base so you can display the skewers standing up.

If you’re short on time and need a less involved snack idea, try making this fun take on a bento box.  Using a small muffin tin, fill each cup with a different rainbow colored muffin liner.  Then pick fruits of similar shades and fill away!  Your little ones are sure you enjoy eating healthy from this colorful display.


Add Some Luck to the Day

Want to spread the cheer of Saint Patty’s Day with those you love?  Set up a little card making station for the kids as an after school activity.  All you’ll need is some colored pencils, some green paint, and paper.  Have the kids use their thumbs to make a unique fingerprint clover or two and then, once the paint has dried, have them fold the paper in half and make a card for their grandparents or cousins.  If they’re feeling particularly artistic, have them add in a rainbow and pot of gold too!


If you’re the kind that loves to leave surprises for the little ones and you have some extra time on your hands, try what this mom did:


What could make a more exciting start to their day than following a trail of little leprechaun feet from their bedrooms to their very own pot of gold?  This is sure to make a lasting Saint Patty’s Day memory and could even become a fun tradition!

I See Green!

Whether you want to really make a celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day this year or you simply want to honor your Irish roots by adding some green to the house, try some of these fun decorating ideas to brighten up any room of the house:


Have the kids help you make paper chains from different shades and patterns of green paper then string them up high to create a fun, festive feel in any room.  Maybe hang them up above the dining room table to make dinner truly memorable.

books   store

If you have some time to do some thrift store shopping before the holiday, try looking for some vintage books with green covers or find some funky vases in shamrock shades.  They add just the right pop of color to a room and who knows!  Maybe they’ll even bring you a little luck!

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