RingCentral: Never Buy a Phone System for Your Office Again

Here at GrowIt, we are partnered with RingCentral, a worldwide company that is taking the business world by storm and revolutionizing communication in and outside of the office.

Owner and Creative Director of GrowIT, Mike Marquardt, sold phone systems before he began marketing (and building) websites and phone apps. Since the early ‘90s, bulky and expensive phone systems for offices have gone through countless transformations, costing companies big bucks just to be able to communicate with each other and clients. Marquardt has not only observed this evolution, but lived it.

Prior to the mobile phone age, offices in every city and nation relied on telephone lines, electrical wiring, and consoles that had to be updated every few years. With RingCentral and the most basic internet access, this is no longer an object.

RingCentral is a cloud-based phone system that can be accessed on any device at any place that has internet capabilities. Each account has a set of unique phone numbers specific to your area code and can be assigned to any person at any time. What’s more, RingCentral lets you add numbers to the account, all with operator, voicemail, and extension features. This features can be assigned or re-assigned at any time with just a click of a button.

RingCentral is so much more than making, transferring, and receiving calls. Information can be transmitted through text, fax, voicemail, chat, and even video conferences.

RingCentral can be accessed not just through desktop or phone console, but can be used as a FREE downloadable app on any mobile phone or tablet.


I’m the owner and sole operator of a small business. Would extensions really be necessary? Yes! Did you know that having an operator greeting with a list of extensions can actually add credibility to you? If you set the outgoing to prompt for different services (‘press 1 for sales’, ‘press 2 for support’, ‘press 3 for accounts payable’), yet every call is sent to you, it can still provide the illusion that your company has different workers and therefore more hands at the ready to satisfy the caller’s need. It’s not dishonest when you consider that that allows you to categorize incoming calls by the type of service requested. What’s more, as soon as your business is off the ground, you can start assigning your employees to these extensions.

This service is not only versatile but affordable. RingCentral has an honest and flat monthly fee, with different packages offered. One-size does not fit all, so every package is a different price fit to accommodate any size business.

Why not just pay the monthly fee for any other phone provider? Truth – RingCentral does cost a monthly fee (this varies depending on the size of your business). However, this monthly fee is at a competitive price and it does not require that you spend additional money on updating ANY equipment. The only additional cost would be the devices and services you are already paying for – such as an internet connection or an internet provider. Or the cost of a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. RingCentral is versatile, accessible, and affordable all at once.

What if I can only afford 2 phone-lines? Two phone lines may be all that you need! There is no limit to how many be devices can be tied the service. All you need to gain access to the app by just downloading it on your mobile device and connecting it to your pre-existing mobile number, totally free of charge.

What if the power goes out? No power, no problem. Don’t halt your business day due to a small speed-bump. By having access to your mobile device, the RingCentral app can use the allowed data on your phone to take calls and messages until the power can be fixed! This also means that when you are traveling, you can answer the phone from anywhere – home, the airport, the grocery store – anywhere in the world that you have connection to your provider’s cell tower.

What if we move? RingCentral is mobile! That doesn’t just mean mobile from your device, but mobile no matter if you move or your entire office does. It only takes a few minutes to set up and all phone numbers and extensions can remain the same. This also allows a business to operate from different offices, with an employee working from home, or if the company decides to expand and branch out to more locations.

As you can see, when it comes to RingCentral, other phone systems simply to not hold a candle. Don’t get caught up in outdated and expensive telephone systems. Mobilize your company and stop wasting precious work hours and missing important calls because of an unreliable service.

GrowIt is a RingCentral partner – so give us a call! 509-688-0150