Proximity Marketing Can Increase Your Revenues and Get You New Customers

Proximity marketing is a new way to send out special offers to nearby prospective customers who are just walking by or in your establishment. Notifications are received on mobile devices using bluetooth technology and mobile users just love to receive information about local events, deals and special offers.

There are multiple ways to distribute proximity marketing. Our device is small, weather proof and can be placed anywhere in your store or even on a street sign for a specific event and then be removed later and relocated to another event or location.

Proximity marketing is a great way to have mobile shoppers enjoy personalized recommendations to what they might be looking for. A simple notification suggesting a product, service or idea can transform the user’s experience and drive your sales upward.

Whether you own a coffee shop, retail store, bar, or restaurant; everyone is glued to their smart phones these days. Proximity marketing is a new way to engage with customers and prospects and cater to more mobile users than ever thought possible. Providing incentives through this technology is another way to have customers want to return to your store or restaurant, stay longer and spend more with your establishment.

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