Phonebook Advertising is Dead: Why Online Marketing is the Best Option for Local Businesses

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With the expansion of internet advertising in the past few years, the phonebook has become a dying product.

However, the creation of the search engine has surpassed the phonebook in all of those categories. The internet is now a much more popular medium for advertisement of businesses of all sizes. Even local business owners can benefit immensely from online advertising. Here are some of the top reasons why online advertising trumps the good old phone book:


One of the main reasons consumers turn to the web search now is simply its convenience. Within tenths of a second, one search can yield thousands of results. This action is simply much faster than flipping through hundreds of pages in a phonebook. GPS technology lists closest locations first, allowing consumers to find the nearest business or service with ease.

Through the proper utilization of online advertising, small businesses can make sure that local clients hear about them and see their name side by side with the larger companies.

Phone books are also heavy, making them tedious to store and impractical for people on the go. Thanks to smartphones, online advertising can draw in anyone in the area who is looking for something nearby, regardless of if that person is a local or not.


In addition to being convenient, online advertisement is much more efficient. Online searches can now produce very specific results set around certain keywords. Searches can also lead to websites that allow users to gather more information before selecting a business.

Advertising online and directing traffic to a website can help a small business gain exposure. Giving consumers the ability to see the appearance and products of a business in images is very helpful in the decision making process.

Overall, having a high quality website gives potential consumers a very good impression of the businesses they are looking into, much more than phone books would ever allow. Through the use of online advertising, small businesses can truly explain their methods and practices in a way that highlights their strengths.

From an environmental standpoint, phonebooks have become a waste of paper. San Francisco, Seattle and other U.S cities are actually seeking to ban the mass distribution of phonebooks due to the impact that wasted paper has on the environment.


The internet is a powerful social tool that can connect people in amazing ways. Online marketing is unique in the way that it allows businesses and consumers to connect with each other.

Websites like allow users to share reviews on businesses and provides customers with basic information, such as email, phone numbers and addresses. Local businesses with an online presence can often rely on their faithful, repeat customers to review them positively.

In turn, this will draw in more customers who, if satisfied, will also leave a kind review for that business. When a consumer sees a listing in a phonebook, they are ultimately left with very limited information on that business.

The additional information provided by the internet can make potential customers much less hesitant to try out a smaller business that they aren’t familiar with. In addition, making contact info available allows some businesses to cooperate with clients who are far away, a feat not possible through phonebooks.

Potential customers near and far can communicate with businesses much more easily, saving everyone time and money.

In the modern age it is clear that the best method for advertising your business is online advertisement. Search Engine Optimization is an exciting new field that can help any local business owner expand their client base.