North Idaho Sports & Recreation

This article provides a short summary of many of the sporting events and activities you can participate in around the cities of Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, and Rathdrum, all located in the same geographic region of Northern Idaho.


Coeur d'Alene University & College Sports

The University of Idaho offers a veritable gold mine of sporting activities with intensive rivalries from other universities in specialty sports including, basketball, track and field, golf, football, soccer and volleyball. The quality is top notch and there are many events during the university year for all to take advantage of, no matter what their interests.

North Idaho College Basketball TeamIn addition the university promotes outreach camp service in the above sports, as well, these are made available to the public in the regional area for minors, youth and adult education and enjoyment.

At the college level, North Idaho College carries a similar list of sports as the University of Idaho, with wrestling and softball added. Their competition is just as robust as at the university level, and as well, they provide outreach camps for all sports.


Local Sports

There are no professional sports teams in Idaho, but the university and college level provides great participation opportunities, as does the many sporting activities at the community level.

At the community level, there is almost every sporting activity imaginable. From a full slate of spring, summer and fall sports, for all ages, and for both females and males, to a full list of winter sports including, figure skating, public skating, and hockey, at the house recreational and representative teams levels, all are available to keep people busy within a competitive environment.


Recreational Sports

man on a water bike on cda lakeThis category includes what has been missed above. There are water sports, other field sports, and biking to name just a few, and of course, special sports and activities for seniors. As well, we cannot forget skiing, skateboarding, mountain biking and a host of other recreational activities to keep any person of family more than busy for the whole year.



Northern Idaho, around the geographic area that comprises Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, and Rathdrum is a veritable gold mine of sporting activities, whether you wish to watch high-quality competitive sporting events at the university or college level, to participating at the competitive level or just having fun at the recreational level.

Throughout the area, there is something for both female and male participants and for any age from minors, and youth, to adults and seniors. In short, there is something for anyone at just about any age or competition level.