Marketing Your App

Unless it is a viral game (like Pokemon Go), or an everyday app much of the population uses (Facebook, Instagram), so much of iTunes and Google Play applications go unseen outside of the download pages. Mobile applications have transformed society in a many ways, which can spark a healthy competition between small businesses to build their name brand in the form of an app as smartphones continue to play such an integral part of our daily lives.


T-Mobile Tuesdays, an app available only to customers, gives its users access to various free items every Tuesday

With the exception of sponsored social media ads (ever been scrolling, saw an ad for a game, downloaded it, and got hooked?), the reasons downloads occur can vastly differ. Applications are for guiding us in moments of wanting: Wanting to go, wanting to know, wanting to do, or wanting to buy. How do we discover these methods quickly, efficiently; creating a device entirely our own fit to cater our daily needs?

According to Google, 25% of apps are downloaded every day by a search conducted in the app store. This tells us that the title of your app is contingent on it being found at least a 4th of the time, if not more.

Is the title clear and concise? Is there any doubt what your app is upon first glance? Your brand should be recognizable and consistent with the unique services you and your company provide.

The aforementioned social media advertising is not only effective for game apps, but virtually anything else. Even well known companies and corporations market their constructed app with promotions. A whopping 49% downloaded an app when discovered on social media. Why not give customers more of an incentive? Offer 15% off their next purchase when they show the app on their device.

Continue rewards throughout the longevity of the app, sending push notifications when necessary. They have some of the highest open-rates among smartphone users and cost nothing to send.

Some good news: statistics say that when a customer uninstalled their app, 21% began using it again when a friend, family member, or colleague started using it. If the app has been inactive on a user’s phone, an added “Come back!” Push can be sent to remind them of their lack of usage (adjust the frequency of this notification – this can easily be overdone).

Make your brand discoverable on Google, using AdWords if necessary. More than half of searches occur on a mobile device; meaning that if your website is found, then your app should be discoverable as well. To read up on this step-by-step process, read more from Android.

Your app investment could be a waste if not marketed properly. These tools are how you will be able to compete with the retail names. They aren’t the only ones to have success in the mobile app world. Become one of our satisfied clients and contact us about an application today!