Make 2017 A Year to Remember

Losing weight, getting in shape, diet changes – the New Year mantra differs very little from year to year.

But “new year, new you” get’s just downright sad when the gym membership gets canceled and the revolutionary diet has already been squandered by week three.

Transformation of self can take time – but if you work for a small company, here are some things you can take care of now, to improve your income, and ultimately, improve your life.

We’ve given you 5 Resolutions for your small business that are attainable, productive, and reasonable, so that you (and your coworkers) can see your workplace in a fresh light.

Optimize Your Social Media Strategy

Concept of Woman change or start to new year. 2016 to 2017. Rear view of girl taking picture out.

Slacking on the posts lately? Give followers and Likers fresh new content every day. The best time to post on Facebook is from 1-4 pm on weekdays, and the worst are before 8 am or after 8 pm on weekends. Peak time is Wednesday at 3pm. Do not solely advertise and post your products but share likeable and user-friendly subjects that vary in topics and reach many demographics at once. This can lead to more attention and eventually, more business.


Nobody likes receiving a collections call, let alone making one! But requesting payment where it is owed is actually a sign you are being proactive about your finances as a company and can chalk up to being viewed as more respectable. After all, you would not desire that an invoice was paid on time if you believed your hard work was worth nothing. Take pride in what you do, and do not feel guilty for expecting to be paid for it.

Save More Time by Automating

Time is one of the most precious commodities mankind has. Think, if you could fit an extra hour into your day, would you use it? Absolutely! As a business owner vs. working for a company, the point is to not add up more hours for the paycheck, but to make the most of those hours the very best you can. Schedule social network posts for tomorrow, the next day, and the next. Upgrade to an accounting system that saves credit card numbers safely from loyal buyers (if you haven’t already). Update your customer’s accounts frequently and stay wary of their address changes and contact information. Read for more information about automation. Time is precious – do not waste it!

Update Your Website

If anyone is to be taken seriously in this New Year of 2017, a professional and user-friendly web presence is a must. Ten years ago, this may not have been as important, but the world will only continue to be more web-focused as time goes by. While an immediate compensation for the cost of this endeavor is not guaranteed, it is a sure-fire way to appear professional, reliable, and active.

Take a Vacation

You know how we just said time is precious? That means not just in the parameters of business, but in the home, in the family, and the memories you will treasure. Set some time aside in 2017, small or great, to get away from it all. Change the voicemail on your office phone to know when you will be available again. Delete the gmail app on your phone and check via computer only in case of emergency. This time of rest gives way opportunities for refreshing, rejuvenation, and returning to work physically, emotionally, and mentally reset.
Start 2017 right – nail down some of these effective ways to kick-start your business in the best direction!