Is Your Business Website Attracting New Customers and Driving Sales?

Does your local business have a strong online presence?

If you’re a small business with most of your clients being local, there’s a chance that you haven’t thought much about your business website. After all, the majority of your customers live right nearby. Perhaps they stop into your business on their drive home to make their purchases. Other folks have become regular customers ever since they found you in the local business pages. And you’re hapy with your local clientele. So why do you need to worry about taking your business online?

Several very good reasons, is the answer to that.

In today’s times, many small, local business owners are recognizing the important of a strong online presence. Why? Because sales are slowing and they realize the internet is where potential customers are searching for services and products.

With every passing year, more business owners are abandoning their large yellow pages budget for a reason. They’re focusing their efforts on their website, because more and more users are using quick and easy tools like Google Local to find what they want. Go ahead. Try searching your industry followed by your zipcode (ie: accounting 83814) and see which of your competitors are claiming all of the internet traffic in your industry.

These local business owners are the ones who will have open doors for much longer due to their ability to recognize where the market is and move in the direction required to capture these new customers. If your business is not online with a website, or you haven’t given much thought to having a website built, you not only are missing a chunk of business, but it may just cost you the future of having those doors open.

What Can a Well-Written Site Do for You?

With a business website design done right, it will act as a literal extension of your company that generates its own web traffic and opens up new opportunities for sales. Your website would be an easy for you to:

  • Build traffic and find new clients
  • Establish your brand
  • Sell your goods and services online
  • Advertise promotions
  • Tell your story and set yourself apart from your competitors
  • Build credibility by providing quality information
  • Develop a relationship with your customers through a personalized “e-zine” mailing

A well-written business website is a powerful marketing tool for your brand. And because it is available 24 hours a day, potential clients can find your site and learn about your services and products, or even make a purchase from your shopping cart during the hours that your brick-and-mortar storefront is closed.

Unlike the cluttered yellowpages your business website won’t be distracting your viewers with ads from competitors. With quality content on your business website, you’ll have a captive audience who is eager to do business with you. And with tracking software on your website, you’ll know exactly how many people have visited your website and what keywords they were searching for when they found you! Contrast that with overpriced local print ads, where you often have no idea how many folks have seen your advert.

Take It to the Next Level

Maybe you haven’t considered a website, because you’re unsure of the process or what goes into creating your online presence. That’s where GrowIt Media is here to help. We explain our process of website design, and work to make the entire job as pleasant as can be.

If you already have a website up and it hasn’t generated a lot of traffic, consider asking us for a free evaluation. What do you have to lose? There are so many factors that go into creating a site that is Search Engine Optimized, not to mention that search engines are changing their techniques and approach to indexing so often. We will send you a report of where your website is lacking, and what we can do to bring in those new customers.

So what are you waiting for?

In our current market it is vital to stand out from your competition. Don’t let your competitor attract all of the new business away from you. Give your local business the promotion and exposure that it deserves by letting GrowIt Media design a website that that over-delivers. Developing a solid web presence will strengthen your business by leaps and bounds.