How To Protect Yourself From COVID-19

Protecting yourself from COVID-19

We believe the mainstream media is misleading the general public regarding the coronavirus. The Surgeon General, Dr. Oz, and many more medical professionals have cautioned against the hysteria being promoted by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. The hype is causing runs on local stores for items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and water. The fact Corona Beer has experienced financial losses points to an even bigger problem in our society!

According to the CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from October 1, 2019, through February 29, 2020, there have been 20,000 – 52,000 flu-related deaths and 350,000 to 620,000 flu hospitalizations during the same time period. That’s 50 to 140 deaths per day in the USA.  To put the Covid-19 virus into a proper perspective, this virus as of this writing has claimed a grand total of 36 deaths in the USA.  

An interesting fact, more people have died walking under a ladder than have died from COVID-19. We believe it could get worse, we also believe you should take precautions (see our top ten list below) but we also believe it is being blown way out of proportion by the mainstream media.  

Here’s what the Surgeon General has to say: Be Cautious, But Not Afraid of Coronavirus!


“It is clear we must continue to help Americans understand how to protect themselves, but also that we mustn’t recreate the wheel,” Surgeon General Jerome Adams writes. “We’ve been through this before and no place in the world is better prepared to handle this challenge. Let’s turn fear into actions that will help us all stay safe.”


Here are 10 things you can do starting today to protect yourself and keep from spreading any flu-type virus:

1. Wash your hands with soap and HOT water 10 times a day. Wash thoroughly not only your hands but your fingertips and wrists as well.

2. Keep your fingers out of your nose, eyes, and mouth, because this is the main way people infect themselves.

3. Keep Your intake of Garlic high, both raw and cooked, a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic and anti-viral. Garlic is amazing!

4. Gargle and swallow with a mixture of supertonic every day! We make this stuff at home and it has amazing health benefits. We’ll include our recipe below so you can make this stuff for yourself from items found at your local supermarket.

5. Ensure your mouth & throat are moist, never dry. Take a few sips of water every 15 minutes. Even if the virus gets into your mouth, drinking water or other liquids will wash them down through your throat and into the stomach. Once there, your stomach acid will kill all viruses. If you don’t drink enough water more regularly, the virus can enter your windpipe and into the lungs. That’s very dangerous. 

6. Cleanse your entire mouth every morning and night with essential oil-based mouth wash. We use a couple of products, one of them is made by Young Living called Thieves Mouthwash, which helps in fighting off invaders that weaken your immune system.

7. Drink plenty of water! It is recommended that you should drink half your body weight in ounces per day. Example: if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water per day! 

8. Avoid spiritually, emotionally and physically toxic people.

9. If someone around you is coughing and sneezing, move away immediately.

10. Get fresh air, Keep Exercising and Moving, and get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Don’t worry, all viruses go away in the summertime. In the meantime, take these 10 things to heart and most importantly do not panic or worry!

Here’s our Supertonic recipe:

The Ingredients:
1. 1 Large Organic White Onion
2. 6 to 12 habanero peppers (to taste)
3. 1/2 pound (raw peeled garlic cloves)
4. 32-ounce Bottle of Bragg Certified Organic, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
5. Horseradish Root (about the size of your hand)
6. Fresh Ginger Root (about the size of your hand)
7. Organic Parsley (1/2 small bunch)
8. Turmeric Root (half the size of your hand)

Peel the onion, horseradish, ginger root, turmeric root and grind it all of the above ingredients and apple cider vinegar using a VitaMix blender. Use canning jars and hand them out to all of your friends! Keep enough for yourself. You can spread on sandwiches, use in Italian salad dressings (about a tablespoon per bottle, or take it straight!

In summary, live clean, eat healthily, focus on building your immune system so nasty invaders will just bounce off you and don’t worry about stockpiling stuff! If you buy out all of the Lysol off the shelves, no one else can sanitize their living spaces!

The following video by Dennis Prager is worth your time to watch. Do your own research, follow our top 10 list and remember to not panic or worry.

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