History, Growth, and Expansion of Spokane, Washington

View of Downtown Spokane WAThe United States has had a long history of growth and development. Some of the chronologically important information as well as documented facts that tell a lot about its present status as a super power country are found within the rich history of its cities.

A majority of the states have different stories about how they came into being, but one thing remains the same; the cities within these states have had significant improvements and have greatly developed in terms of infrastructure, amenities and great expansions as compared to many other cities in the world.

Spokane, Washington is a one of a kind city located in the northwestern side of the US. Its history is very captivating and interesting to all its residents and visitors.

Earlier Settlers in Spokane

Presently, it holds the seat to the Spokane County. Its history opens like a book that can clearly and vividly be documented into a wonderful documentary. Records indicate that the first people to settle and live in this city arrived long times ago between 13, 0000 to 18,000 years ago.

They were well trained hunters and gatherers and a society that lived off plentiful game as a means of survival. The name of the city means Children of the Sun, and it is the name of the tribe which is believed to be of the direct descants of the people from the Great Plains. According to historical facts, the settlers always believed that their ancestors were people who use to reside up North.

Slow Developments to a Beautiful City

This city has slowly developed since the medieval times, coming to be known as one of the country's top cities to live in. Located on the Spokane River, it is approximately 98 miles South of the Canadian border and 20 miles West of Idaho.

The Spokane International Airport serves the city, especially towards the broader inland Northwest. As per the 2010 census report, the population of the city shot to 209,440, making it the second largest city within Washington state. Due to the hardworking and undying spirit of the locals, the city finally managed to be rated as the 102nd largest city in the United States. The city started small in mining silver and gold way back in the 19th century. The local economy had been depending on timber, mining and agriculture until sometime in 1980s.

Great Improvements in the 21st Century

The city has been active in the 21st century and a majority of the residents have witnessed significant growth in infrastructure. It has been trying to get a perfect transition to graduate to a better service oriented economy with the improvements in the manufacturing sector.

Spokane, WA is well developed in Health Sciences and Medical Sciences. This has also led to the expansions of the University District which now has a Medical School Branch. The city, sometime back, was faced with great challenges such as the scarcity of well paying jobs and rising crime, but this has since been well managed as now many locals, including foreigners, are able to enjoy better jobs and good security in their residents and places of work.

Aside from the beautiful scenery and year round recreation, one of the main reasons as to why the city has been growing significantly is the fact that there is clean water, perfect waste management and well structured solid waste management. It has a waste-to-energy plant that is the only one of its kind within Washington.