GrowIT’s SEO Report


GrowIT Media provides its clients and prospects with an incredible report that can help your business and web traffic GROW – and it sets us apart from our competition.

We offer a service that essentially reviews your website to find ways to gain higher page rank positions, which gets you more targeted traffic. Our report will reveal how well your current website is doing in Google rankings, where things need to be fixed and measures overall site optimization needs.

Simply go to GrowIT’s Contact Page , fill out the form, and schedule a no obligation strategy session with us. We will perform a free evaluation, provide you with a detailed report, and if you decide not to move forward with us, you may keep the report as our free gift just for considering our services.

This is what your business website will be graded on:


It is recommended that urls no longer have underscores, but rather, hyphens. Google also highly suggests keeping a shorter domain name – the less complicated, the better. This not only makes it easier to remember for a user to find again, but it eliminates a lot of guessing games if it is exactly (or close) to your actual business name. For example, GrowIT Media’s domain is

For more tips on structuring your url to be more search-friendly, review these notes from Google.

Pages Indexed by Google:Kids denist spokane search engine results

Whether or not your site is indexed by Google is determined by your XML Sitemap. These are based on the overall navigation: Home, About, Blog, etc, and whether or not these pages hold original, credible, and readable content. Make sure your site holds links to other quality and trusted sources as well. Afterwards, submit your up-to-date sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. If this is not done and if even just one page leads to a 404 error, you can bet that it will not be indexed. This means your site will not be ranked in searches or get your website the visitors that your competitors are receiving.


What is a Favicon? It is a logo or symbol associated with your webpage. In the address bar or tab, this image is also known as a web icon, tab icon, or URL icon, and can act as a bookmark where there are several tabs open at once. This adds credibility to your web presence and is fairly easily accomplished. Simply create the image either 16×16, or 32×32, and save it as a .png, .gif, or .ico. This small symbol adds a professional element to your website and will help set you apart from your competitors.

Following through with these simple few items is a sure-fire way to set a higher SEO score – before ads. GrowIT Media doesn’t just create custom web designs and leave clients to their own devices. Most developers out there competing against us would want you to think that a flashy web design is all it takes. We want your rankings to score above your competitors and we want to partner with you in GROWING your return on investment, GROWING your virtual and physical traffic, and overall, GROW your company’s revenue and notoriety.