Components of a Good Logo for your Website

good logo design

Fundamental aspects of  good logo design

A good logo. Every business wants one, and whether you are building a business or considering a remodel of your company’s current image, there are a few things to know and consider. Your business is made up of three branding elements, that is, the image that represents your company to the public eye; potential customers: the written, spoken, and visual brand.

Your logo design, the visual portion of your company brand, is the most well known and persuasive aspect of your marketing. A logo is a fundamental part of your company’s image and the message you send to the public. Logo development falls into the area of web design and becomes the face, and often times, first impression of your business.

You may think that creating a logo is a simple task, since you only see the developer’s final product samples. Looks simple enough, right? The truth is, logo design takes careful thought, creativity, and consideration of all aspects of your company; there are some key components to keep in mind when considering the design you chose.


Creating a logo to compliment and build the image of your business takes much consideration before drawing even the outline of a logo. A good logo needs to represent your business as a whole in one look, from the visual point on a sign or business card. Just like your business, you want it to last. Take into consideration, the typeface and color palate of the Harely Davidson logo. From the shield-shaped image, color choice, and typeface of the letters, this company style and message is represented well; as if to say, “cool, masculine, and bad-to-the-bone.”


Unique and well designed logos are truly unforgettable. When you see the Nike check mark, you instantly associate it with quality sportswear. Some logos can be too plain or not symbolic enough for customers to associate it with your business. All too often, a plain, poorly designed logo can turn away potential customers as it reflects, in their minds, the quality and professionalism of your company.

This is common especially in a business which sells high-end, expensive products and services, or big-decision purchases such as a house or car. Memorability ensures that when consumers view your logo, they can quickly recall your business.

Aesthetically Appealing

A logo with appropriate color choice and style for your business goes a long way in relaying your message and quality assurance. Good-looking logos stir emotion and create a positive image for your business. Your company logo holds the power of visual appeal. Keeping your color palette to three or less will likely keep your logo from becoming too muddled in a smaller size, and readable for a customer’s quick glance.

The goal of your logo is to provide a quick and accurate message about your company to a market of consumers; a poorly designed logo can attract the wrong attention or send people shopping elsewhere.


Your graphic logo needs to be usable; it needs to look good on a business card, email signature, website, print ads, and company attire if this applies. Graphic designers are knowledgeable in how to design a versatile logo and can carefully create one for your business that will look good, anywhere and it may appear. The detail of your logo also matters, since too much detail in a reduced size, say for a business card, will look muddled together, even if it looks great on your website, in larger view.

Appropriate color palates are also a key in creating a versatile image. Color evokes emotion and will enhance your image and message to the public. Choosing colors based on a particular background is important for visibility and clarity of the message portrayed. If you have a dark background on your website, consider lighter colors to stand out.

If you have white or light colored company t-shirts, consider colors or an alternate logo design, specific for company attire, to contrast well. Appropriate color palates are also a key in creating a versatile image. Color evokes emotion and will enhance your image and message to the public.

Remember to Keep It Simple

A complicated logo with many shapes, fonts, and colors can be difficult to remember. When you think of popular graphics such as McDonald’s, Nike, or Toyota, the components relay a clear, memorable message, yet remain simple enough for people to quickly recognize and associate with the company.

Careful consideration and combination of all these components in logo design can result in a powerful representation of your company and products or services. A good, quality logo will stand the test of time, leaving customers with a visual impression of your business and overall quality.

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