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Hacked. Take these steps to secure your email account after the hacker attacks.

March 7, 2019

**ring**ring** “Hello,” I said. “Hi,” my friend, Sandy, replied and then continued, “I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom’s illness!” she exclaimed. “WHAT?!?!” I responded.  My mom isn’t ill. My mom hasn’t been ill.  I hope my Mom is never ill.  “What did you hear?” “Just what you sent in the email.  I’ll try…

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Two Common Problems WordPress Developers Face & Solutions

October 2, 2018

Two Common Problems WordPress Developers Face & Solutions Today, we are going to have a look at two common issues many web designers face and look at the best possible solutions… 1) 404 Error Page & 2) WordPress Browser Issues 404 Error Pages Imagine, you have a guest at your home and your wife asked…

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7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Blog

September 16, 2018

7 Tips to Improve Your Blog Bumping your blog traffic numbers up to the level you’d like to see them at is an ongoing process that won’t be accomplished overnight. There are so many elements that go into creating a great blog that keeping track of them all can be trying. However, there are at…

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The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Website

August 8, 2018

Ever since the dawn of mobile devices in 2007, web browsing has become revolutionized. Searching a topic, place, or question on a search engine was once something that was restricted only to a desktop computer or a laptop when connected to WiFi. Today, 68% of adult Americans have a smartphone, meaning that they have access…

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Proximity Marketing Can Increase Your Revenues and Get You New Customers

July 16, 2018

Proximity marketing is a new way to send out special offers to nearby prospective customers who are just walking by or in your establishment. Notifications are received on mobile devices using bluetooth technology and mobile users just love to receive information about local events, deals and special offers. There are multiple ways to distribute proximity…

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How to Write An Accurate Review

July 15, 2018

Recently, GrowIt has been focusing their attention on boosting revenue for local restaurants in the form of mobile apps. The apps are typically used for promotions, branding, and convenience for consumers. This helps restaurants to boost their credibility and adds a competitive edge to their services. What can tarnish a reputation for any business? A…

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GrowIT’s SEO Report

July 14, 2018

GrowIT Media provides its clients and prospects with an incredible report that can help your business and web traffic GROW – and it sets us apart from our competition. We offer a service that essentially reviews your website to find ways to gain higher page rank positions, which gets you more targeted traffic. Our report…

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Any Business Can Start A Loyalty Program!

March 13, 2018

Let’s face reality, selling to your existing customer base is a lot easier than attracting new ones. In fact, the probability of selling to an existing customer is as high as 70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is between 10 and 20%. In addition, existing customers are 50% more likely to…

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Does Your Restaurant Lack Ambiance?

December 11, 2017

When searching for a place to grab lunch, eat with friends and family or go on a romantic date, the decision is more often than not based off of restaurant ambiance. If a restaurant is too dark, too bright, overly cramped, has too many menu options, which are difficult to read, it will interfere with…

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Ways to Give Back this Christmas

December 4, 2017

Christmas is a special but busy time of the year. Preparing Christmas gifts, hosting family and friends, buying plane tickets, cooking for a dinner party, baking cookies, shoveling snow, these are just a few of the things which can fill a December schedule. However, even with all the business, Christmas is a time of giving.…

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