About GrowIT Media

About GrowIT Media

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Mike Marquardt started the company in 1988 as a provider of business telephone systems, cellular phones and local area networks. After receiving multiple requests from customers about website design and hosting services we decided to answer the demand. In January of 2000 we started developing websites, hosting them and marketing those sites on the top search engines. We’ve been helping small businesses locally and nationally with their online presence ever since.

Today we design websites, create custom graphics, provide marketing services and develop specialized mobile apps for clients nationwide. Our clients are like family to us, because their success means our success. We get it.

GrowIT Media is made up of a group of talented and dedicated social media experts, project managers, designers, and developers. We understand that you have a business to run and that when you hire us, our goal is to create the most effective tool for your business possible that will help you bring in more business from existing customers while helping you get new ones.

Our commitment is simple; to always stay within your time and budget limits while providing excellent customer service and responsiveness along the way. It is our goal and objective to exceed your expectations in every possible way.

We have a long history of proven success…

Mike Marquardt saw the movie War Games in 1985 and was fascinated by the modem / hacking into the Government systems and that is where it all began. From that point on he started playing with computers and took some basic DOS classes. In 1986, he started his own BBS called Sinbad’s Dungeon where he purchased an IBM XT with dual 5 1/4 inch floppy drives, a 20MB Hard Card and 300 baud coupler modem and dedicated phone line to host users one call at a time. Users would visit the various boards (today we call them forums) and at 3:00 AM every night the system would go off-line, pack up all of the day’s messages and deliver via dial up to the next node; and the process would repeat throughout the night until messages were delivered across the FidoNet Network. His BBS was an Opus by Winn Wagner. He ran the BBS until 1988. He designed his own screen graphics, hosted two online games; an artificial intelligence game and a maze style game. He was called by users to chat or answer questions, to which he would answer as Sysop. 🙂 Yes, our roots go wayyyyy back!



Mike’s career started as the National Account Manager. He was in charge of sales to Mid, Major and National Accounts offering banded WATS and dial up code/auto dialer services.


PACIFIC TELESIS | ORANGE, CAMike became the Major Account Manager that was responsible for the acquisition and retention of Major Accounts. The list: IBM, Apple Computer, Compaq, HP, AT&T. Sales of PBX, Voicemail, LAN’s, Computers, and giant cellular phones.



FIRST TEL BUSINESS SYSTEMS | ANAHEIM, CAMike became President/Owner of a communications company providing sales, service, repair, installation and programming of business telephone systems, voice processing systems, 2 way radio, cellular telephones, and computers.




Mike was the Data Sales Manager that provided regional support for the mid and major market segments for Southern California and Las Vegas. He was responsible for all revenue generated in the region from data related products: Frame Relay, ATM, Internet Gateway (Sprintlink), ISDN PRI, International Private Line and Multidrop private line networks.



As the Strategic Product Manager, Mike’s main roles included being a Local Service Specialist and Data Product Specialist to support San Diego, Orange County, and L.A Mid, Major and Corporate National Accounts. Mike was specifically assigned to Microsoft and Disney to support their existing data networks.



As the General Manager, Mike was responsible for sales, service, marketing, RSU/Access Node Deployment, CO Installation and maintenance, general office management and administration, customer service liaison, community and government relations, operations, budget and P&L.


FT11 INTERACTIVE LAUNCHEDFT11 Interactive, a DBA of FirstTel was born delivering website design, marketing and hosting services in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – We changed our name to GrowIT Media in 2005 and run to the current day under that name.



MIKE SERVES AS GUEST SPEAKER AT GOOGLEAs a result of producing cutting-edge technology under GrowIT Media, Mike had the honor of being invited to speak at the Google Corporate Headquarters. Read more about that visit here. 




GrowIT Media was launched to provide more of an emphasis on web design, video production, branding, and marketing. We are a mobile-first company focused on growing your business through a cohesive digital strategy.


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