How Restaurants Can Utilize a Mobile App

Lately, GrowIT has been focusing time and energy in developing mobile apps for local restaurants. While it is said that only 5 out of every 100 restaurants currently have one of their own, it is an idea that is quickly growing in popularity. It provides brand recognition and credibility. A local eatery can benefit in numerous ways from faithful customers using the app on their device to promote, provide feedback, and increase overall satisfaction.

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As any frequent restaurant-goer knows, the food that is brought to your table is only just one part of the experience. Great customer service is an invaluable aspect of dining out, and can even provide hope for a second chance if the food was less than satisfactory. According to most sources, bad service is the number one reason why a customer will not go back to a restaurant. What is the ultimate way to cater to more service needs? How could a service experience be improved?

Consider your regulars. The people you see coming and you know their order. Maybe you know their full names, what they do for a living, and the exact days you can expect them to cross the threshold of your eating establishment. You care about these details because you know that it plays a huge part in why they keep returning, which means security for you and success for your business.

Repeat customers is what will keep your restaurant alive during the slow months; so why not give these patrons the ultimate resource that gives them even more incentive to return?

Mobile App Advantages

There is no price-tag on feeling like you belong. With a mobile app, anyone can join the club and feel special.

Ten years ago, the equivalent might look like buying a T-shirt from your favorite eatery. It can be a sort of bragging right, when asked about it, the response can come: “Oh yeah, it’s my favorite restaurant. I know the staff pretty well.”

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An app functions primarily, but the rewards are far greater. It can act as a point system, like providing discounted or free items after so many purchases.

Use it to display special offers available only to those who have downloaded the app. Send push notifications (but not too many!) to act as reminders for these promotions.

Customers can share to social media while they are at your restaurant having a good time. They can also post on the FanWall, leave reviews and recommendations, and calculate desired tip amounts, even on split checks.

What Are You Waiting For?

GrowIT Media offers competitive pricing on custom mobile apps. It could be the extra push your restaurant needs to really expand over this next year. 509-688-0150.