• What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

    Find a firm that seeks to understand your business goals and objectives. There are hundreds of web design agencies that will take an order, slam out a website, and collect your money. While there is nothing wrong with making a living; it's the nature of this business. However a web design agency that takes an active interest in your business, the nature of your business, what you actually do, who your target audience is, what your best selling product or service is, well that firm is more likely to deliver a website that will work for the success of your business. This is our focus.
  • If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

    One of our many secrets is that we understand that what our clients really want is measurable results. The new website shouldn't just look stunning; it should convert users to the end goal defined by the client. This also means building a plan around bringing traffic to the website and driving it through to the client's stated objective. A landing page that doesn't convert visitors into customers is useless for a client, no matter how beautiful it looks. This is why clients prize agencies that can combine form with function, beautiful designs with excellent usability and measurable results.
  • Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

    We take on every project as if it were our own. We treat our customers like we would want to be treated, which is why we're so responsive to the needs of our customers. We respond the same day, often within minutes, to emails, phone calls and text messages and we never ignore our customers. This practice most definitely sets us apart from the majority of our competition. We never take on a project that we cannot complete. Perhaps our chief designer is on holiday and we can't possibly meet a specific deadline. In such scenarios, we believe in being upfront about our capabilities and project delays. We resolve to communicate with our customers straight away – "I'm sorry, but coding in Python isn't really our strong area", or "The project will be delayed by a week". We believe that our clients want upright honesty over unmentioned delays any day of the week. We will win you over later with exceptional work, delivered ahead of schedule or add in an extra service at no charge. This is our philosophy. In addition, ineffective communication is the bane of healthy client-designer relationships. Far too many projects are lost halfway because the client and the designer simply couldn't converse comfortably. We believe communication is a two-way street. And while we understand that we can't control how our client communicates, we endeavor to make sure that we go all-in with our communication. This is also why we offer many options to our customers for client contact; Telephone, SMS, email and even video or telephone conferencing. We resolve to respond to client queries as quickly as possible. And with a cheerful, friendly greeting. At the end of the day, we let our work and customer reviews speak for us. We understand that clients ultimately want to work with agencies that consistently deliver websites and IT solutions that work for their business.
  • What do you like most about your job?

    Exceeding the expectations of our customers.
  • What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

    The most common question we get pertains to our process. The reason for this is if you've ever been through the design process for a website or logo with a firm that has a weak or non existent project management process, it can be a frustrating experience for all. We eliminate this concern by going through our process and team portal to help the customer understand how we will be working together. The end result is always positive. ;-)
  • What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

    That building a great website or conducting a successful marketing campaign takes real time and expertise and looking for the best price will never produce the desired results unless all you're after is an online brochure and all you expect is for your customers to find your site when you hand them the address.
  • How did you decide to get in your line of work?

    We began as a small interconnect company in 1988 delivering legacy telephone systems and cellular phones to small and medium businesses as a certified Vodavi Dealer. Today we offer everything from website design and development, to marketing, hosting, IT consultations and service to cloud based Cisco phones systems. To say that we've come a long way is an understatement! :-)
  • Tell us about a recent job you did that you are particularly proud of.

    HubWorks is an innovative system for restaurant guests to place their orders from iPad's at their tables. This was an exceptionally interesting and fun project to work on and also quite impressive for us as we were commissioned to build a website for a software development company who recognized the benefits of working with our team. The iPad utilized for their app is enclosed in a sturdy case with a credit card reader built in for easy payment, and the software that runs on the iPad is cunningly developed by HubWorks to make browsing the food and drink selection easy, and it integrates with the restaurant or an establishments point of sale system. We provided website customization's to meet the clients criteria. In addition to many stylistic changes that were made, we also built a slideshow system for the Homepage, a custom Return of Investment Calculator, and we created a custom video player for the Technology Page. This is an example of a technology company website design that we built where the creative director was so impressed with our work and development process that he sent us a letter highly recommending our services. This letter is available upon request.
  • Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

    As a company we fully subscribe to ongoing education because our field of work changes almost daily. One of our favorite resources is lynda.com where we maintain current memberships for our employees, who we allow to set aside company time to keep up to date on the changes and best practices that relate to our industry.
  • If you have a complicated pricing system for your service, please give all the details here.

    Most clients struggle to understand how a website is costed, and with such variation in the quotes a client receives, along with the mistrust that seems to surround most website quotes, we have solved this challenge by providing an understanding and a complete breakdown of the services we're providing, the specific functionality and the costs. We do our best to include any additional costs which we think may crop up during production, as we fully understand that client's most certainly are not happy with any surprises half way through the project. For us, transparency in quotes is attractive and can contribute to the start of a trusting and long lasting working relationship. We have many customers who have been with us for 10 years and longer, at least in part, due to this practice.

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